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Welcome to the COINCONGO help page.

Sell ​​well
Tips for a successful sale:
Set the right price: get a good estimate of your product / property. With a competitive price, you will sell your product faster.
Be clear and precise: with a short and precise title, and a detailed description that is faithful to the real state of your product / asset, you increase your chances of a sale.
Post real photos: take multiple photos of your product / property. By accompanying your ad with quality photos, you gain more attention from Internet users and make the buying decision easier.
Safety instructions :
Payment: prefer cash payments (be extremely careful with payments by money transfer, international card, check or other).
Phone number: always ask buyers to give you their phone number, then call them to check the validity of the number.
Overseas Buyers: Be careful if buyers are overseas.
Product delivery: prefer payment and hand delivery of your product / property.
Buy well
Tips for a successful purchase:
Compare prices: view all listings for the type of product / property you are interested in, then compare to choose the best product / property at a smart price.
Contact the seller: send an email or call the seller directly to set up an appointment and check the quality of the product / good.
Pay in person: prefer payment in cash and in person, directly to the seller, and get your product / good immediately.
Safety instructions :
Meeting point with the seller: schedule the meeting in a public place such as a market, cafe, on the street, in front of the workplace, etc.
Bank details: never give out your bank details or your credit card number.
Payment: Avoid paying in advance or transferring money through services like Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.
Price: beware of far too low prices which may hide a scam or fraud, despite the constant vigilance of our team (in this case, please report the announcement immediately by clicking on the "Report" link).
Product quality / good: check the quality of the product before buying it.
Overseas seller: Be extra careful if the seller is overseas, or if their phone number is not a local number.
Obtaining the product: prefer payment and hand delivery of your product / good.
Before publication, each ad is validated by coincongo to allow our users to sell and buy safely. However, if a false or fraudulent ad could not be detected by our team, let us know immediately by clicking on the "Report" link in each ad. If a seller seems suspicious to you, send us a message using the contact form (Contact us).

This page allows you to answer your most common questions.

If you are a professional, we invite you to consult our help page specific to the use of the pro account.

If your ad has been rejected or you don't know how to write it, we invite you to consult the rules for posting ads on the site.

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