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Terms of Service

The website www.coincongo.com with its country sites, hereinafter referred to as "coincongo", offers an online classifieds publication and consultation service, intended for individuals and professionals.

The term "user" designates any Internet user using the site: access to the site, consultation and publication of advertisements.

For any questions about the company, you can send us your questions using the contact form.

Access to coincongo, consultation and use of the sites are subject to unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of use of coincongo.

Terms and conditions :
The use of coincongo is subject to full acceptance of the following conditions:

Do not violate any local or international law in force
Don't violate any coincongo ad serving rules
Not violate any trademark, design, author or other rights of any third party
Do not publish any threatening, defamatory, abusive or obscene advertisement or content
Do not publish any advertisement or content concerning a stolen, confused, false or misleading product / good / service
Do not collect user data - including but not limited to: their name, phone number and email address - without their prior consent
Do not copy or modify ads and user data without their prior consent
Do not send spam or channel messages
Do not publish an advertisement involving pyramid schemes
Do not use robots and do not distribute viruses or technologies that could harm coincongo and / or coincongo users
Do not interfere with the proper functioning of coincongo
Do not copy coincongo ads
Do not reproduce all or part of the site and the content published on coincongo
The list presented above is not exhaustive. Any advertisement or any content that is inappropriate or violates local and international legal or regulatory provisions, coincongo's broadcasting rules, coincongo's General Conditions of Use or good morals, will be automatically refused or deleted. ) by coincongo, without this creating for the benefit of the user who published the advertisement or the content any right to compensation, and without coincongo issuing any warning or prior notification.

This type of withdrawal may also result, without any warning or prior notification, in the temporary suspension or permanent withdrawal of the user from coincongo's services.

The user of coincongo is solely responsible for all information submitted to coincongo and for all consequences that may arise from the advertisement (s) posted on coincongo.

Coincongo is a third party to correspondence and relations between coincongo users and therefore excludes any liability in this regard. Coincongo and the user are contractually independent of each other. There is no question of any association or partnership.

Coincongo is not responsible to users of the site for the use of the services offered there. These limits of liability prevent any claim for damages of any kind and apply regardless of the cause of the damages. They apply without restriction to expenses resulting from the purchase of products, goods or services, loss of profits or loss of data.

Coincongo accepts no responsibility for the content published on coincongo or for any deletion, inability to store or incorrect transmission of information. The services of the site are delivered without any guarantee. Coincongo makes no warranty for the products, goods, services or information presented by users of the site.

Coincongo undertakes to use all necessary means to ensure the best provision of access and use of coincongo to users. However, coincongo declines all responsibility in the event of:

Interruptions, breakdowns, modifications or malfunctions of coincongo, whatever the origin and origin
Temporary impossibility of access to the site due to technical problems and whatever their origin and provenance, computer attack or hacking, deletion or prohibition, temporary or definitive, of access to the Internet, for any reason whether it be
Abnormal use or illicit exploitation of coincongo
Loss of data or information stored by coincongo; it is the responsibility of users to take all necessary precautions to keep the ads they post on coincongo
Direct or indirect damage caused to the user, of whatever nature, resulting from the content of the advertisements and / or the access, use, operation, malfunction of coincongo. By placing information on the site, the user irrevocably grants coincongo the royalty-free and universal license to reproduce, modify, display, distribute, represent and create materials or derivative works therefrom.

It is possible for the user to modify or delete the information published on coincongo through the user account.

The coincongo user consents to the collection, storage and use of their personal information on the servers used by coincongo.

The coincongo user agrees to receive communications, marketing information, promotions or content from coincongo, and coincongo partners, unless otherwise specified by the user.

Coincongo reserves the right to modify these Coincongo Terms of Service at any time. The amended conditions are published on this page.

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